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Philly Trip 2015 Day 14

Today since I am feeling  little better we had to go to Dr. Crowe’s  office. One of the teeth facades she installed broke off during post-op, we drove to her new office and she met us.  She was so awesome to do this since she has such a busy schedule. That was our first time to this part of New Jersey, we went to Vorhees to her new office and decided to explore a few other small towns in the area. Mainly we were looking for a car wash since the rain followed us from Texas to Pennsylvannia and it rained on us in Philadelphia. We did not find a car wash but we did decide to go to the Jersey shore, since neither my sister or I had been there. We called my wife who was back at the apartment working and she said she would be ready to go by the time we got back. She never turns down a chance to visit a fun new casino.

So off we go to Atlantic City, NJ.

Greetings for Atlantic City
Me and my wife posing at Margaritaville on the Boardwalk
Fins up Atlantic City! Outside Landshark Restaurant
My wife and I posing on the beach.

Lancaster, Pennsylvannia

After dropping my wife off at the airport we decided to do a little more exploring. We were actually on a mission to find some Amish pieces to bring home. We decided to head to Lancaster, PA, which has one of the largest Amish populations in the area. DSC02290

While we were in Lancaster doing some looking around we met a friendly lady who told us to go check out the Red Caboose Motel and possibly meet Caleb or John Schmucker from Amish Mafia. We just missed Caleb, but John was out with a buggy, so I was able to meet him and get a picture when he came back. DSC02354

Me hitching up to the buggy. John said,”Oh look we have a new horse!”DSC02371 DSC02379 DSC02388IMG_8111










Me and John Schmucker.



Me and the carved Indian, just because he is cool.IMG_8112

The side of the restaurant.


IMG_8110Amish made deck chairs

Philly Trip 2015 Day 13

Today was the first day I ventured away from home. I was finally starting to feel a little bit more human. I had to go for a check up with Dr. Diecidue. He had all his residents check me out and I passed with flying color. I want to thank all the Drs in his office who assisted in the surgery and follow up care.

Me with the crew
Me with the crew

This is about all the excitement I could handle today so we went back to the apartment. I did have my first “real” food, Taco Bell!! Woo hoo! It was so much better than all the soup, jello, and pudding.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 9

First day post-op and I get to come home, well to our temporary home. They gave me a lot of fun medicine and ice packs and sent me on my way. I didn’t have any adverse reactions to the surgery so I was free to go on my way.

Me, 1 day post-op, not too bad looking if I do say so myself.
Me, 1 day post-op, not too bad looking if I do say so myself.

This is what  looked like 1 day post op, I needed ice packs and lots of them to keep the swelling down.  Heidi 2 was needed to hold the ice packs in place so they didn’t fall. Today was soup through syringes which isn’t as yummy but it still did the job.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 8 Surgery Day!

Today is D-Day or in my case S-Day! Surgery Day!

We were up and at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. for the surgery. Once again they lost my paperwork. Luckily I am friends on Facebook with one of my drs and she saw me posting from pre-op and she knew I was in the hospital when no one else could find me. So she sent a crew down to pre-op to get me and bring me up.

Me and Lori waiting in Pre-op
Me and Lori waiting in Pre-op. Like my pimp yellow socks?

Surgery was a success! The Drs were all fantastic and I would like to thank each and every one of them. Dr. Grunwald said I was one of the easiest FOP patients that he had put under. Dr. Crowe was there next to me the entire time he was working on me. Dr Crowe has been there whenever I called and she is an awesome FOP dentist. The oral surgeon was Dr. Diecidue and his crew. There were so many awesome Drs in the room, I can’t even begin to name them all.

They kept me in the hospital overnight and my fantastic wife Lori stayed with me and took care of me all night long. She barely slept a wink because they were constantly coming in and out. I don’t trust regular people to understand how to take care of an FOP patient because they aren’t exposed to them and they don’t know how easy we are to injure.

Best thing is they saved 6 teeth and I made it through with flying colors!

Philly Trip 2015 Day 7

Last day before surgery and we went to meet with Dr. Zvi Grunwald the anesthesiologist. He has worked on the most FOP patients over any other dr.  If you ever need to have surgery and need to go under anesthesia he is the man, he knows how to do it better than anyone. He is on of the main reasons we drive to Philadelphia to have my surgery.

Dr Zvi Grunwald, Me, his associate and my wife Lori.
Dr Zvi, Me, his associate and my wife Lori.

Then since I didn’t know when I would be able to eat steak I decided I wanted to have steak one last time. So we went to the Longhorn Steakhouse, yes we came all the way to Philadelphia and we ate at a Texas stye steakhouse. It was out of the city, so we knew I wouldn’t have too much of a problem getting into the restaurant. A typical problem in the city is that most places have a small step in the front, which is impossible for me to get in, or there is a ramp but it is in the back.

Lori and I
Lori and I

There is an neat looking ship in the port next to the restaurant. It is the SS United States. It is a luxury liner built in 1952 and was one of the fastest passenger ships made at the time.

SS United States
SS United States

We headed back to the apartment for the final night before surgery, dum, dum, dum…

Can you spot the Nick?
There’s the Nick!!

This is what happens when the crazy Mahler kids try to lighten the mood and relieve a little bit of pre-surgery stress. We play hide the Nick. These sheets were pretty good camoflauge.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 6

Today was a pretty laid back day while I prepared for surgery. My wife had to work so that limited what we could do, we didn’t want to leave her out of the fun.  So we watched TV and I worked on my website to get everything prepared for the few days I wouldn’t feel very well and wouldn’t be able to do much. We ordered dinner for pickup from a great place called Marathon on the Square, my sister walked down the street to pick it up. Great place for both burgers and breakfast, they serve it at all hours. While she was out she took a good picture of the condo where we were staying.

Front of our building
Front of our building
Rittenhouse Square
Rittenhouse Square

One great thing about staying in this location is that there are so many things to do and so many places to pick up a meal. A lot of the residents of this area pick up food and either dine on their outside patio or take it to eat in the park. The park has tons of benches and seating. Plus this area is centrally located, you can get to so many places with just a short walk or cab ride.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 5

Today is the day my wife joined us. We got to see the lovely Philadelphia airport. We also made a stop at the grocery store to stock up on groceries and buy food I would get to eat for the first days after my surgery. We stocked up on Jello and pudding and soup. 🙂

Philadelphia City Hall

Before we picked up my wife we drove around City Hall because it was on our way. It is one of the largest city buildings in the country and world.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 4

First full day in Philadelphia and time for some preop testing. We went to Thomas Jefferson Testing center so they could do all the test and labs required before I could have my surgery. I have to say the valet people were excellent, they were very helpful and made sure my sister had help getting me in and out and treated our car well. We were at the testing center for over four hours, they lost me. We heard them in the hallway discussing how they had lost the paperwork, good thing was some of their rooms had recliners so I was able to sit down the entire time.

Then we went out and explored the city a little bit, it was dark so we didn’t see too much but we got to know the city a little bit.

City Hall in the background
City Hall in the background