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Marin Headlands

Seal Harbor


Old Boat Launch
Point Bonita Lighthouse (Land’s End)
View of the Bay from Point Bonita (Land’s End)
View of Point Bonita Lighthouse from Battery Mendell
View of the city from Battery Mendell
Lori posing at Battery Mendell
Me waiting in the car, I don’t climb very well.
Pano of SF from Point Bonita


SF Trip Day 1

We left Wylie pretty early this morning, close to the 7 a.m. Amanda wanted. We had a long drive and she wanted to see how far we could make it the first day. First stop was Amarillo, The Big Texan  Steak Ranch. Amanda and I hadn’t been here since we were little. So we stopped to get gas and walk around. Of course I had to pose for a few pictures.

Big Texan or Bust!


My new little pet. Can you see me?























After this stop it was on the Alburquerque. We made it there around dinner time so we decided to stop for the night and have dinner at our favorite stop there. Casa de Benavidez, home of the Famous Sopaipilla Burger.

Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Casa de Benavidez
Casa de Benavidez






















It was a great dinner as usual. We stopped here for the evening so we could get an early start the next day!


Road Trip to San Francisco 2015

Sorry we took awhile to write a new blog, we had an exciting adventure that we were on. Nick was asked to be a part of the natural history study for his disease FOP. It is really exciting because they are doing some great research and hopefully this will help a lot of people.

They had Nick come out to UCSF to have all the baseline testing done. Since Nick has a hard time flying because he doesn’t really fit on a plane and then once he arrives it is very hard to find transportation, we drove. Lori flew in on Friday evening, since she wanted to stay and work, and didn’t really care about a long drive.

We left Wylie on July 15, 2015, just Nick and I. We planned to make it in three days with stops in Albuerquerqe for the first night and Barstow the second night.  We didn’t want to push it because it was almost a 1900 mile journey.

Nick in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

We made it to SF on the 19th and checked into our host hotel, The Hotel Kabuki. It was in Japantown so there were a LOT of asian choices, we just didn’t get a chance to try too many of them.

Philly Trip 2015 Day 14

Today since I am feeling  little better we had to go to Dr. Crowe’s  office. One of the teeth facades she installed broke off during post-op, we drove to her new office and she met us.  She was so awesome to do this since she has such a busy schedule. That was our first time to this part of New Jersey, we went to Vorhees to her new office and decided to explore a few other small towns in the area. Mainly we were looking for a car wash since the rain followed us from Texas to Pennsylvannia and it rained on us in Philadelphia. We did not find a car wash but we did decide to go to the Jersey shore, since neither my sister or I had been there. We called my wife who was back at the apartment working and she said she would be ready to go by the time we got back. She never turns down a chance to visit a fun new casino.

So off we go to Atlantic City, NJ.

Greetings for Atlantic City
Me and my wife posing at Margaritaville on the Boardwalk
Fins up Atlantic City! Outside Landshark Restaurant
My wife and I posing on the beach.

Lancaster, Pennsylvannia

After dropping my wife off at the airport we decided to do a little more exploring. We were actually on a mission to find some Amish pieces to bring home. We decided to head to Lancaster, PA, which has one of the largest Amish populations in the area. DSC02290

While we were in Lancaster doing some looking around we met a friendly lady who told us to go check out the Red Caboose Motel and possibly meet Caleb or John Schmucker from Amish Mafia. We just missed Caleb, but John was out with a buggy, so I was able to meet him and get a picture when he came back. DSC02354

Me hitching up to the buggy. John said,”Oh look we have a new horse!”DSC02371 DSC02379 DSC02388IMG_8111










Me and John Schmucker.



Me and the carved Indian, just because he is cool.IMG_8112

The side of the restaurant.


IMG_8110Amish made deck chairs

Philly Trip 2015 Day 13

Today was the first day I ventured away from home. I was finally starting to feel a little bit more human. I had to go for a check up with Dr. Diecidue. He had all his residents check me out and I passed with flying color. I want to thank all the Drs in his office who assisted in the surgery and follow up care.

Me with the crew
Me with the crew

This is about all the excitement I could handle today so we went back to the apartment. I did have my first “real” food, Taco Bell!! Woo hoo! It was so much better than all the soup, jello, and pudding.