IFOPA Road Trip Day 2

Today we had to stop and take pictures before we could leave the hotel. You can’t spend time with family without a few crazy shots together.

Then we headed out to a yummy breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, we got to drive right by the Vicksburg National Miliary Park which was to be our next stop. Of course before parting ways with the Craig and Sheryl for a few hours we went on a tour of the Park. It is such a neat place with so much history. My sister took a photographic safari out the roof of the Cadillac, we managed to get a lot of great pics. We stopped at the first state memorial which was the Illinois State Memorial, had to get pictures of it since our Mom and her family are from there.

After 3 hours we had only made it through half of the park, we also saw the cemetary and the USS Cairo, but we had to move on because we were expected at a family party in Weaver that evening. We will definitely have to make it a point to go back and finish the park, since all we saw was the union lines and not the confederate side.

Then we started our journey to Weaver, Alabama, we were so excited to get to see all of Craig and Sheryl’s family. On the way there we had to call ahead for a hotel, since the one we had looked at didn’t have a roll in shower. Sometimes traveling is hard for me because a lot of hotels are not really handicapped accessible.

It was s suprise when we rolled into Craigs house. The entire family was waiting outside for us to get there! Craig had constructed a ramp so I could get in the house, so after a round of hugs and handshakes from everyone we rolled up the ramp and started the fun. After a few rounds of drinks and some yummy steaks we took more pictures with all the girls and their families.

Back to the Hilton and off to bed, a new days starts tomorrow!