National Park Access Pass for Handicapped

This is an awesome thing offered by the National Park Service. If you are permaneantly disabled then you are eligible for this pass. We were offered this by a National Park Ranger and it has really been useful. You can use it at any National Park and several other places, their website lists all the locations eligible.

We have used this Access Pass at several National Park around the country including Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Muir Woods National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park.

Here is the link for more information: Access Pass

SF Trip Day 1

We left Wylie pretty early this morning, close to the 7 a.m. Amanda wanted. We had a long drive and she wanted to see how far we could make it the first day. First stop was Amarillo, The Big Texan  Steak Ranch. Amanda and I hadn’t been here since we were little. So we stopped to get gas and walk around. Of course I had to pose for a few pictures.

Big Texan or Bust!


My new little pet. Can you see me?























After this stop it was on the Alburquerque. We made it there around dinner time so we decided to stop for the night and have dinner at our favorite stop there. Casa de Benavidez, home of the Famous Sopaipilla Burger.

Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Casa de Benavidez
Casa de Benavidez






















It was a great dinner as usual. We stopped here for the evening so we could get an early start the next day!


Road Trip to San Francisco 2015

Sorry we took awhile to write a new blog, we had an exciting adventure that we were on. Nick was asked to be a part of the natural history study for his disease FOP. It is really exciting because they are doing some great research and hopefully this will help a lot of people.

They had Nick come out to UCSF to have all the baseline testing done. Since Nick has a hard time flying because he doesn’t really fit on a plane and then once he arrives it is very hard to find transportation, we drove. Lori flew in on Friday evening, since she wanted to stay and work, and didn’t really care about a long drive.

We left Wylie on July 15, 2015, just Nick and I. We planned to make it in three days with stops in Albuerquerqe for the first night and Barstow the second night.  We didn’t want to push it because it was almost a 1900 mile journey.

Nick in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

We made it to SF on the 19th and checked into our host hotel, The Hotel Kabuki. It was in Japantown so there were a LOT of asian choices, we just didn’t get a chance to try too many of them.