Chicago Wilson Reunion Trip

We spent the night in Chicago so we could do a few sight seeing things in Chicago since we haven’t been here since my sister and I were little and my wife had never been here before.

First on our list was the Sears (Willis Tower) toIMG_0890[1] view the Skydeck and SkyLedge. This was really something we had been wanting to do since we planned the trip. None of us had ever been up in it before. It is a super quick trip to the top, 103 stories in less than a minute. Due to the speed it can be a bit disconcerting. 1653 feet, 412 meters, 103 floors as the wall says when you enter the base.

IMG_0921[1]The view was amazing, of course we took pictures from all four directions. It was so interesting you almost didn’t want to move from one view to another. I think we took 300 pictures up there. The SkyLedge is very disconcerting if you have any fear of heights. My favorite part was when I was out on the ledge and my wife walked tentatively out onto it. I thought she was going to hit me upside the head when I starting doing a little jump on it. The video is funny.

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