PhillyTrip 2015 Day 2

This was a fun driving day, we drove from Nashville with the possibly desination of Harrisonburg, Va. However, the evening before we had been deciding whether to go the way we did last year or to try  different route. I have a good friend that lives in Pittsburg that I had never met before and wanted to meet.  So we decided to go that route even though it added a little bit of time on to the trip.

To make a quicker route and to save time we always use the app Waze on our journeys. Although sometimes it does leave you astray, but it has saved us hours in travel delays . This time it took up some cool countryside in Tennessee and Kentucky. We actually had to stop once to let chickens cross the road. Of course we took pictures because well, we take pictures of everything.IMG_7595


The hotel was a stupid one that we will be writing about on our handirate blog, they said even if you reserve a handicapped room you can’t be promised one.

But all that enjoyment side I got to meet up with my good friend Billy.

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