Philly Trip 2015 Day 3

Today we left Pittsburgh, we wanted to try and see a little bit more of the Pennsylvania countryside and Gettysburg. My sister has a love of history and our grandmother was born on Lincoln’s birthday so we grew up surrounded by him and his legacy and the war. Gramma is a Daughter of the American Revolution member.

Gettysburg National Military Park

We didn’t get to spend much time at the battlefield but we did stop by the visitor center.

Me and Mr. Lincoln
Me and Mr. Lincoln

We also wanted to visit with Mr. Lincoln. He didn’t have too much to say!

Gettysburg Address

And of course we had to stop in the gift shop to add to our souvenir collection.

After all this excitement we headed on to Philadephia to meet up with the lovely host and her husband who were helping us with our extended stay. Hosts for Hospitals was a lifesaver for this long trip. We made it in to Philadelphia and after finding the place and unpacking our massive amount of baggage started to settle in. We attempted to head to a popular local pizza place right off Rittenhouse square which is where we stayed. But after trying to cross the street we decided my scooter was not going to be be to traverse the sidewalks of Philadelphia so we called for delivery and stayed in for the evening and relaxed after 3 days of driving.


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