Boston Road Trip Day 2

November 18, 2014

Day 2

Today we drove from Lebanon, Tennessee to Harrisonburg, Virginia. I do enjoy a road trip and this one is no exception. I love driving through all the different states and the scenery. This is one of the longer boring parts of the drive but very pretty.  We did stop at Bristol Motor Speedway and take some fun pictures, boy that place is steep.  It was fun driving up and seeing the angles.  A neat view was a farm that was there ages before the track and sits right next to the property. I like taking pictures at all the state lines as we cross them.

Staying at an awesome Holiday Inn in Harrisonburg, Virginia.The only thing that sucks is that it was raining when we got there. The front portico to the hotel had an incline instead of being flat so it was really hard to get out of the car. Not only was it an incline but it was also cobblestone, which is slick in the rain. A really good thing was that after trying two rooms, the third was a good fit. Because it was winter and it was cold outside they had the heat on and you couldn’t turn it off, so we had to leave the door out into the pool area open for a few hours to cool it off. The front desk clerk went out of her way to help us, she was really nice and a great worker.

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