SF Trip Day 1

We left Wylie pretty early this morning, close to the 7 a.m. Amanda wanted. We had a long drive and she wanted to see how far we could make it the first day. First stop was Amarillo, The Big Texan ┬áSteak Ranch. Amanda and I hadn’t been here since we were little. So we stopped to get gas and walk around. Of course I had to pose for a few pictures.

Big Texan or Bust!


My new little pet. Can you see me?























After this stop it was on the Alburquerque. We made it there around dinner time so we decided to stop for the night and have dinner at our favorite stop there. Casa de Benavidez, home of the Famous Sopaipilla Burger.

Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Famous Sopaipilla Burger
Casa de Benavidez
Casa de Benavidez






















It was a great dinner as usual. We stopped here for the evening so we could get an early start the next day!


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