Fairmont Copley Plaza




This was the hotel chosen to host the IFOPA Drug Forum. This is a fantastic hotel with great accommodating staff. If anyone is wanting to host an event this hotel is a great choice. The event was hosted November 20-22, 2014.


They have two dogs that are the mascots of the hotel. Catie and Carly Copley. They are a lot of fun and everyone enjoys seeing them visiting throughout the hotel.

The hotel is recently renovated and you can tell they really put effort into it. When they were redoing the floors they found the old mosaics under years of carpeting and other coverings. I am so glad they left them out to show, mainly because they are so much easier on my scooter than all the thick layers of carpet so many of the hotels have in the main concourse areas. For people with disabilities and who use motorized transportation it is easier to roll across wood and tile surfaces, less work on our machines.









Entryway from St. James Ave.


Peacock in Entryway



Stairway going up



Stairway going down


Hallway leading off to all the ballrooms


Sitting room across from check in desk



Me looking down the hallway to St. James Ave


My wife Lori and I in the entryway from St. James Ave


Panoramic view from the Skydeck, outside the rooftop gym. Fabulous View!



My wife Lori and I on the Skydeck




Another Skydeck View, best weather all week!

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