Wheels for Nick

wheels-for-nick-banner-500We have started this GoFundMe account http://www.gofundme.com/wheelsfornick to assist me in getting a very specialized wheelchair that can operate while in a semi seated position since that is the position I am frozen in. Once we have the custom built wheelchair we will need a way for us to transport me and my new wheelchair. Currently I use an Amigo mobility scooter that is more than 40 years old because it has been the best option until now. It is getting very difficult to find a vehicle I can physically get in and this will only get harder as I continue to lose movement. With my very limited range of motion I can’t step up onto anything and require assistance sitting or standing from a chair. With this custom wheelchair I will be able to go more places, since my old scooter can’t go very many places because I am very unstable. I am unable to go anywhere outside the home if it’s raining or snowing due to my instability from no joint movement.


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